How to Buy Art for Your Home | Q&A with Collector House

A fabulous painting can add so much to a space. But how do you know where to start when trying to find the perfect piece for a room? I’m so excited to partner with art advisor, Jennifer Klos of Collector House, for today’s post. She’s answering all my questions about selecting and purchasing art. Plus, you’ll get a little tour of the Dallas Art Fair where art dealers and collectors from all the world converge (and where someone like me can only dream of buying a $300,000 piece of art!).

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The Etiquette of Germs

A few months ago I rode with my daughter in an ambulance, watching as two EMTs administered oxygen and medication to my lifeless seven year old. I remember stretching out my arm as far as I could from my jump seat to touch her, to give her whatever comfort I could as the driver raced through traffic to the nearest children’s hospital. It was during those next terrifying few days in the ICU that I realized I needed to write this post, one that I have meaning to write every since she was a baby. Whether you are a complete germaphobe, or have a laissez-faire (“It’s good for their immune systems!”) attitude toward germs, I hope you will consider this “thoughtful” approach when deciding to go out while sick or send your sick children to school.

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What We Do: Teaching Our Children About Money

Instead of just sharing goals and products I am excited about for 2017, I thought I would also share things that really worked for me in 2016 and years past. I’m calling it the “What We Do” series. One of my goals at the beginning of last year was to finally figure out what our family’s “system” was going to be for chores and allowances and teaching our children about money. The children’s banks in today’s post have been so impactful on our family and, good news, one lucky reader is going to win a a family set!

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2017 State of Mind

I’ve been off the radar for the past 10 days or so. My husband was off work so I stepped back from the blog and social media so I could enjoy our family time together. It was just what my soul needed because not only did I rest (two naps in one day!), but it allowed me to ponder 2017 and think about my where I wanted to make some changes in the new year. Maybe some of these things align with your goals for 2017!

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Holiday Tipping Guidelines


One of the truest signs of grace and refinement is how you treat those that work for and around you. Christmas is the traditional time to do year-end thanking to our housekeepers, nail technicians, hair stylists and more, but sometimes we don’t know what’s appropriate or enough. So I’ve put together a little guide that will help you remember all those who help you throughout the year.

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8 Fun Things to Do in Dallas During the Holidays

northpark trains dallas

Dallas is such an amazing place during the holidays (minus the traffic which is horrendous between Thanksgiving and Christmas!). I have many DFW readers and readers from surrounding areas that come to Dallas to enjoy all the Christmas cheer our city has to offer so I thought I’d share our family’s favorite holiday “to dos” in Dallas plus a few things on our activity wish list.

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