What to Do When: Someone Contacts You for Job Advice or Assistance

Photo: Life of Pix

There’s a growing trend in our culture that it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore emails, phone calls, or Facebook messages from people who are inquiring of our assistance. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or a result of our society’s burden with busyness (and thus forgetfulness!), but I want to plead the case that it’s still quite important to acknowledge anyone who takes the time to reach out to you.

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Creating a Lovely and Gracious Home


There are two extremes of home-keeping nowadays: the perfect “Pinterest” home, that often seems impossible to live up to, and the “mommy blogger” home, where it’s totally acceptable to leave your home in complete disarray all the time. I like to think there is an in-between. A place where lovely home-making serves an important purpose and one that’s not just for ourselves.

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