Swoozie’s – The One Stop Shop For Everyone Left On Your List!

Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

If you’re like me, you still have a lot to do before Christmas. There are those last few gifts on my shopping list. I want to buy some kind of treats for my neighbors (because I never got around to making anything!). I also need to pick up some cocktail napkins and a few other Christmas-y things. Well, I want to tell you about Swoozie’s and how it can make your life so much easier these last few days before Christmas. Plus, I’ve got a special DoSayGive coupon code to share with online Swoozie’s shoppers!
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Perfect Little Christmas Gifts from Anthropologie

Photo: Megan Mueller- Weaver

With three children, I have a lot of little gifts to buy for teachers, therapists, ballet instructors, school administrators, etc. This year I went straight to Anthropologie for most of those gifts and my girls are so excited to give them this last week before Christmas.

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