Be Lovely at Night

When I feel myself tending toward sweatpants and t-shirts a little too much, I try to freshen up my nighttime attire by adding a few pretty pieces. So in honor of Valentine’s Day I thought it would be fun to pull together a post of beautiful lovelies to wear at night.

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Dressing Children “Properly”: The Proper Peony & Layette Dallas

Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

It is no secret that I believe children should dress sweet and innocently. After all, they are only children once! But dressing children counter-culturally this way is not always easy to do when most stores don’t cater to that taste. That’s why I love sharing with my readers companies that are making beautiful and timeless children’s clothing and doing it well.

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Las Vegas!

Please let me know if you have any questions! If you like any of these then I can suggest jewelry and or shoes (linked some fun shoes at the bottom, too!).






I also have several leopard clutches in yesterday’s post!