Fun Children’s Sketchbook Gift!


I know the “no gifts” children’s birthday parties are really popular right now, but I believe the act of gift-giving plays an important role in childhood: it trains children to be thoughtful (and also gives them confidence when walking into a birthday party!.) But I don’t think it’s necessary to spend $20-30 on every classmate’s birthday party. Today I am sharing a gift that’s inexpensive, cute, and still very thoughtful!

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Darling Monogram Stripe St. Anne’s Tote


Earlier this week I gave a little Instagram sneak peek of my new Monogram Stripe St. Anne’s Tote. I used it for the first time on our recent vacation and everyone kept asking me where it was from! (Of course, I told them they need to be follow DoSayGive to be made aware of cute things like this!).

I am also sharing with you the floral lace shorts and scalloped top I wear both day and night.

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How to Say No, Graciously

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It’s a fact: we all hate to say no to people. I believe 95% of us out there are people pleasers. We don’t want to hurt feelings or disappoint. So how then do we politely say no to the endless school volunteer opportunities, to the world traveler neighbor who keeps asking you to pick up her mail (when she could just have it stopped!), to the requests for monetary donations that would leave you broke if you gave to all of them? Today I’m sharing my go-to phrases for graciously saying no.

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