Whitney English Day Designer – at Target!!

day designer with flower

I am preparing for several “Back to School” themed posts next week, but I had to tell y’all about these new Day Designer by Whitney English calendars at Target in case they sell out. Blue Sky sent me some calendars to try out for y’all so I spent all last weekend getting organized with post it notes and washi tape!

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Refinement: Defined

As I have been working on my media kit the past few weeks (yes, bloggers have media kits!), I have been debating whether or not to keep the little caption I coined a year ago when I started this blog. Refinement, defined. Does it sound snooty? Does it really capture the essence of what I am trying to do with DoSayGive? And that got me started thinking about why I started DoSayGive in the first place.

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Backpack Roundup!

I told myself I would not start back to school posts until at least August 1st. But there are so many great deals to be had on backpacks right now that I figured I should go ahead and do a “backpack roundup” especially since I know some schools start in early August! (All images above are clickable!)

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The Sparrow Project by JL Parish Jewelry


I love sharing lovely gift ideas with a bit of depth and meaning and today is no different. If you are needing the perfect gift to send to a friend, sister, or even your mom, who may be in or just coming out of a difficult time, a piece from JL Parish’s Sparrow Project might be just the thing.

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