My Little Plan to Help Your Husband Be More Thoughtful…


I am always so happy when my friends’ husbands tell me they follow DoSayGive or they found a gift idea for their wives off DoSayGive. That means I am doing something right! But lately I have been strategizing on how to reach more husbands and boyfriends because I know most of our husbands want to be thoughtful and loving, but sometimes need a little help in that department – especially when it comes to gifts! So I’m sharing my plan as well as an awesome Yeti giveaway for you and your husband (or boyfriend!). Read More

Getting a Fresh Start to the New Year

swell water bottle,

The new year for me did not start off with a bang, but more like a wimper! That first week back to school was an adjustment for our family, but now that we are in the swing of things I can really think about some of my personal goals for the new year, some of which I am sharing with you today. Plus, a few products helping me along the way.

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