Welcome! This little project began when I realized that women like me are constantly inundated with fashion blogs that teach us how to dress beautifully and Pinterest pages that help us live beautifully, but we have very few resources to help us act beautifully.

It reminds me of a word my southern grandmother used often while my sister and I were growing up: Refined. It wasn’t a word that reflected any kind of superiority, rather it was used to encourage us to claim a higher standard for our actions, particularly when it came to how we treated other people.

To my grandmother, refinement meant being so thoughtful of others that we would not insult them with insensitive comments or inappropriate dress. It meant always knowing what to say in times of joy or sadness, and how to give not only gifts to people, but also our love and grace.

Interestingly, the definition of refine means “to clear of impurities.” DoSayGive hopes to do just that, by sifting through the rubbish and mediocrity our culture often throws our way and defining gracious and proper ways to do, say, and give. It seeks to tie together the beautiful things we enjoy in a way that is meaningful and worthwhile.

Do you want to know something precious? When my beloved grandmother suddenly passed away earlier this year, one of the first things my grandfather wistfully said about his wife of 64 years was this: “She was lovely, wasn’t she?”.

Don’t we all want to be thought of as lovely? I know I do. I want DoSayGive to help women become lovelier to those around them. That’s why DoSayGive is more than an etiquette guide; it’s a return to the lost art of refinement. It’s refinement, defined. For both my generation and the next.


If you’ve browsed DoSayGive it all, you know I write about what interests me and share the things I love and think my readers will love. One week I may write about how to love a friend in hard times; another week I may post about an awesome sale I come across. (Again, I write about what interest me!). As with many bloggers, some of the items I feature will yield a commission if you use the link I provide to buy it. (Sort of like if a sales associate at a nice clothing store showing a dress your love, but in a virtual way!). I only collaborate with companies that align with my taste and brand and always denote if something was gifted to me. Interested in collaborating? Find out how here.

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Photo: Stephanie Drenka