Peaches Barnes’ Heirloom Portrait Gowns

We live in a throwaway culture where we buy our children new clothes every season (and simultaneously drop off a garbage bag of outgrown things to the Goodwill). But it hasn’t always been this way. The Victorians repurposed much of their clothing as did many other cultures. Thankfully, not all of that tradition is lost. Today I am delighted to share with you the hand-sewn heirloom creations of Peaches Barnes.

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5 Simple Fall Traditions with Eliza James Kids

eliza james kids pumpkin dress

Having lived in New England for a bit, I have this idea that fall should be full of color and coziness, with a cool crisp in the air and LOTS of trips to the apple orchard. But in Dallas falls are just not that way and are usually still VERY hot! So we Texans have to find different ways to savor the season. Today I am thrilled to partner with one of my favorite affordable (and ready to ship!) classic children’s clothing brands, Eliza James Kids, to share some sweet and simple fall traditions you and your can enjoy in any part of the country (and in the cutest pumpkin attire!).

This post is sponsored by Eliza James Kids. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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Tween Room Challenge: Letting Go and Having Fun

For over a year my eleven year old has been begging me to update her room. The problem was: she wanted a full fledged “teenager” room with modern bedding, novelty pillows, and pineapples galore And I wanted it to be a sweet girl’s room with dainty and floral details. (In my defense, she is still two years away from being an actual teenager!)

So where did we end up? Keep scrolling to see the finished product that makes us both happy. Plus, read how some wise DoSayGive readers affected this design process!

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How to Avoid Overscheduling (Mom Wisdom about Extracurriculars!)

How to avoid overscheduling

I think our culture is starting to see a pushback against the over-scheduling of children. I see three articles a day about how children need more down time and family dinners and time just play in the dirt in the backyard. I am sure many of y’all reading this blog agree children need all those good things but – like  me – find it difficult to reach that happy medium, especially when you have multiple children and add in life’s normal commitments.

So today I am sharing how we make decisions about our children’s schedules each fall and spring. Even better: I asked some wise mom friends with middle school and high schoolers to reflect back on the decisions they made for their children when they were young. Y’all are going to LOVE this post!

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Back to School Outfits for Moms (Old Navy Try-On Session)

Back to school outfits for moms

It’s back to school week on DoSayGive. On Monday I shared some darling back to school themed outfits for children and three tips for kindergarten moms, yesterday I shared how to avoid overextending yourself by saying “no” to commitments that aren’t right for your season of life. Today I’m sharing some back to school outfit inspiration for you using pieces from Old Navy!

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