Peaches Barnes’ Heirloom Portrait Gowns

We live in a throwaway culture where we buy our children new clothes every season (and simultaneously drop off a garbage bag of outgrown things to the Goodwill). But it hasn’t always been this way. The Victorians repurposed much of their clothing as did many other cultures. Thankfully, not all of that tradition is lost. Today I am delighted to share with you the hand-sewn heirloom creations of Peaches Barnes.

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DoSayGive’s Early Bird Christmas: Exclusive Discounts on Beautiful Gifts!

brake ink

It’s here! DoSayGive’s annual “Early Bird” Christmas post where you can find exclusive discounts on some of my favorite Christmas gifts including lots of beautiful personalized gifts. My friends at these amazing small businesses are rewarding you for getting your orders in early (and you will be so glad you did once the holiday rush begins!).

And y’all this year’s post is the best one yet. Be sure to read through all the companies so you don’t miss a thing!

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Holiday Prep: Custom Gifts to Order Way Ahead

custom gifts to order way ahead

You know when it’s December 20th and you think, “I really wish I had thought ahead to order that amazing custom gift for my mom.” Well, that’s why you follow DoSayGive: to remind you about these things! Today I rounded up some amazing custom gift ideas that need to be ordered way in advance. Trust me, if you spread out some of your holiday shopping you will actually enjoy the season with your family (instead of rushing around town trying to get “to dos” crossed off your list!).

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Fall Homemade Gifts Your Friends Will LOVE!

Fall homemade gifts your friends will love!

Whether you are going to a party and need a hostess gift, or you have a friend in need or just a simple thank you, food gifts are the perfect way to show someone you are thinking about them. Today I am excited to welcome Kristen Massad from Ink Foods to show up three thoughtful homemade gifts you can whip up in no time. 

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Tricia Lowenfield’s Beautiful Keepsake Gifts

I don’t know where I first came across her work but as soon as I did I fell in love with Tricia Lowenfield’s European folk style art. That’s why I am thrilled to share about her heirloom gifts today. Y’all will love what she has for baby gifts, wedding gifts, and other special keepsakes you might want to order now for the holidays!

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A Texas Themed Gift: Children’s Books about the Lonestar State!

children's books about texas

I had so much fun putting this gift basket together for a thank you gift and had to share it with y’all. A themed children’s book basket is an easy and thoughtful gift to put together for a moving away present or a hostess gift. It doesn’t have to be Texas themed but in today’s post I am sharing some of these great classics about Texas!

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