Exquisite Gift Inspiration: Jenn Thatcher Art

I am thrilled to finally talk about the painting I get so many questions about! I’m partnering with Jenn Thatcher Art today to give you some exquisite gift ideas plus I’m sharing the sources for my budget-friendly office accessories.

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How to Buy Art for Your Home | Q&A with Collector House

A fabulous painting can add so much to a space. But how do you know where to start when trying to find the perfect piece for a room? I’m so excited to partner with art advisor, Jennifer Klos of Collector House, for today’s post. She’s answering all my questions about selecting and purchasing art. Plus, you’ll get a little tour of the Dallas Art Fair where art dealers and collectors from all the world converge (and where someone like me can only dream of buying a $300,000 piece of art!).

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Fun Children’s Sketchbook Gift!


I know the “no gifts” children’s birthday parties are really popular right now, but I believe the act of gift-giving plays an important role in childhood: it trains children to be thoughtful (and also gives them confidence when walking into a birthday party!.) But I don’t think it’s necessary to spend $20-30 on every classmate’s birthday party. Today I am sharing a gift that’s inexpensive, cute, and still very thoughtful!

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