The Etiquette of Germs

A few months ago I rode with my daughter in an ambulance, watching as two EMTs administered oxygen and medication to my lifeless seven year old. I remember stretching out my arm as far as I could from my jump seat to touch her, to give her whatever comfort I could as the driver raced through traffic to the nearest children’s hospital. It was during those next terrifying few days in the ICU that I realized I needed to write this post, one that I have meaning to write every since she was a baby. Whether you are a complete germaphobe, or have a laissez-faire (“It’s good for their immune systems!”) attitude toward germs, I hope you will consider this “thoughtful” approach when deciding to go out while sick or send your sick children to school.

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The Things Small Business Owners Wish You Knew (But are Too Nice to Tell you!)

One of the reasons I started DoSayGive was to bring attention to ways we can be more thoughtful of others in various situations. Today I am sharing things that your small business owner and entrepreneurial friends probably want you to know (but don’t know how to say it in a polite way!). I’m thinking about the photographers, stationers, bakers, your friend that sells Rodan & Fields, calligraphers, and just about anyone that is an entrepreneur, mompreneur, or owns a home-based or small business.

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Manners to Teach Young Girls

classic children's clothing

I wrote a post about boys’ manners last year and I’ve had it on my mind to write a follow up about girls’ manners. You would think that with three daughters a post on girls’ manners would come naturally for me. But I suppose I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this post really impactful. After all, one of the purposes of this blog is to teach loveliness, grace, and refinement to this next generation. Read More

The Etiquette of Direct Sales

direct sales, etiquette of direct sales, etiquette of multi-level marketing, etiquette blogger

There has been an explosion of home-based, multilevel marketing type businesses over the past decade. It is no surprise that women are latching on to these type of companies because they can make an earning on a flexible schedule and, if they have children, maybe even stay at home. But this trend has brought up a lot of etiquette issues. I can’t tell you how many emails I receive about this very topic. Finally, I am addressing it (or going to try to address it!).

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