Easy Family Friend and Neighbor Gifts

neighbor gift cups

Do you drop off a little treat or small gift to your closest friends and  neighbors during the holidays? It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just something that shows you love and appreciate them this time of year. Today I’m sharing some super easy ideas – both store bought and homemade. And most are really affordable!

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Scrumptious Gourmet Gifts this Holiday Season!


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Today I am highlighting some of my favorite gourmet gifts from DoSayGive’s Holiday Gift Guide. So many amazing gifts to send to family, long-distance friends, your best clients and customers, teachers, and more. Or the person in your life that loves cooking or baking – or just appreciates the best gourmet goodies!

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Easy Gifts With Trader Joe’s Products!


Exciting news! I am now a contributor to Trader Joe’s List! The blog is about all things Trader Joe’s and its wonderful products. I was absolutely thrilled and flattered to be asked to contribute to this great blog that has almost 79K Instagram and 56K Twitter followers! My first post for them was how to put together fabulous gift baskets using products from Trader Joe’s.

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Top Gifts on Amazon (That You Probably Hadn’t Thought About!)

Photo: Megan Mueller-Weaver

Like a lot of people these days, I do a lot of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Until recently, however, I didn’t realize the same site on which I do my electronics and book buying also carries many fabulous gift items. I’m talking designer goods, cute home accessories, gourmet foods, and other fabulous things for your loved ones. So in honor of Cyber Monday, I thought it’d be fun to do a list of my top gifts on Amazon that you may have not even realized you can buy on Amazon!

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100 Days of Real Food Cookbook: A Great Gift…And A Giveaway!


I started following the 100 Days of Real Food blog about two years ago. Since then I have been continually amazed at how one young mom in North Carolina is changing the way our culture views food. In fact, the blog has had such an impact on my life that it actually motivated me to buy my first cookbook in at least seven years. And after having the cookbook for two months now I can say that it would make a fine gift.Read More