Manners to Teach Young Girls

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I wrote a post about boys’ manners last year and I’ve had it on my mind to write a follow up about girls’ manners. You would think that with three daughters a post on girls’ manners would come naturally for me. But I suppose I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this post really impactful. After all, one of the purposes of this blog is to teach loveliness, grace, and refinement to this next generation. Read More

Monetary Gifts During the Holidays – Housekeepers, Hair Stylists, and More


One of the truest signs of grace and refinement is how you treat those that work for and around you. Christmas is the traditional time to do year-end thanking  to our housekeepers, nail technicians, hair stylists and more. But sometimes we don’t know what’s appropriate or enough. So I’ve put together a little guide that will help you remember all those who help you throughout the year.

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What To Do: When Your Child Wants To Toilet Paper a House (And A GREAT Alternative!)

toilet papered houseEvery weekend as I’m driving around town I see so many houses whose front yards are just covered in toilet paper. I feel so sorry for those homeowners because it looks like such a nightmare to clean up! So I thought it would be worthwhile to explore the “etiquette” of toilet papering a home and tell you about a great alternative that the children in Dallas are going nuts over (as well as a fun giveaway for DoSayGive readers!)

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What to Do When: Someone Contacts You for Job Advice or Assistance

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There’s a growing trend in our culture that it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore emails, phone calls, or Facebook messages from people who are inquiring of our assistance. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing or a result of our society’s burden with busyness (and thus forgetfulness!), but I want to plead the case that it’s still quite important to acknowledge anyone who takes the time to reach out to you.

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