How to Avoid Overscheduling (Mom Wisdom about Extracurriculars!)

How to avoid overscheduling

I think our culture is starting to see a pushback against the over-scheduling of children. I see three articles a day about how children need more down time and family dinners and time just play in the dirt in the backyard. I am sure many of y’all reading this blog agree children need all those good things but – likeĀ  me – find it difficult to reach that happy medium, especially when you have multiple children and add in life’s normal commitments.

So today I am sharing how we make decisions about our children’s schedules each fall and spring. Even better: I asked some wise mom friends with middle school and high schoolers to reflect back on the decisions they made for their children when they were young. Y’all are going to LOVE this post!

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What Season Are You In? (And How to Say “No”)

It’s back to school week on DoSayGive and this week I am sharing tips and nuggets of wisdom with y’all when it comes to managing the back to school craziness. It wasn’t until my first daughter was in kindergarten that I heard someone use the term “season” when it came to parenting. I know that parenting was a season, but I didn’t understand that parenting had different seasons. It really changed my perspective, taken away a lot of mom guilt, and given me the power to say “no” when needed.

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Get in the Photo: Mother’s Day Photo Session Special!

As we get closer to Mother’s Day, I wanted to take a little time to really encourage moms to get in a photo with your children (every once in awhile!) with an amazing photo session offer for my Dallas friends. Plus, a gift card to my favorite classic children’s store is included with every booking. Keep reading for details!

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11 Truths about Mothering I’ve Learned in 11 Years

Our oldest daughter turned eleven yesterday. Eleven. I have been a tad emotional and sentimental hugging on my not-so-little girl. I promised myself I would never be one of those moms who tell younger moms to “enjoy these days because they go so fast” because that advice can be irritating and completely unhelpful to a frazzled young mother who is trying desperately just to make it to bedtime. Instead I have been thinking about what could be helpful to newish mothers reading my blog. I love gleaning from the experience of moms that gave gone before me so I asked myself: if I could go back and tell my younger self the pieces of advice, the parenting nuggets that would be most helpful over the next eleven years, what would those be?

Well here’s eleven of them.

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