Easy and Delicious Meal Calendar Idea!

greek salad

I’m on vacation with my family this week so I am so excited to welcome Marianne from Marianne Cooks to share an easy idea to bring to a new mom or a friend that has recently had surgery. It seems like everyone does takeout these days, but there is something so thoughtful about a home cooked meal beautifully put together for a friend. Next time you sign up for a meal calendar, remember this meal idea!

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Visiting a New Mom in the Hospital + What to Say if You DON’T want Visitors

tiff's treats

Until last week I thought I was the only one who didn’t love receiving visitors after I had babies. But then I shared an article on Facebook from a Labor and Delivery nurse who argued that one should NEVER visit a new mother in the hospital and I was shocked how many comments and likes it received! Then it hit me: a lot of people probably feel the same way I do, but just don’t know how to politely handle the situation.

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