The Absolute BEST Packable Dress for Summer Travel!

Persifor Winpenny Dress

If there is one dress you are going to purchase this summer, let it be this Persifor Winpenny dress that comes in so many colorful patterns. Why? It’s wrinkle-free, machine washable, and made with a breathable fabric that makes it’s perfect for summer travel, parties, lunch with friends, and more. Talk about versatile!

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Mom Hacks for Family Vacationing!

We all know that family vacations aren’t really vacations for moms, at least when you have really young children. I read an article once that said you are really just transferring your mom duties to another location, which actually can be more stressful since you aren’t in your normal environment! I have learned a few tips and tricks for vacationing (a bit more) seamlessly and I am excited to share some with y’all today.

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