Thanksgiving Books for Children

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Can you believe we are already in the middle of November? I’m so grateful that we finally have a crisp in the air in Dallas. And since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought I would highlight some quality books for children about the holiday and it’s history.

Sadly many of the books front and center at the bookstores during Thanksgiving are watered down or have “revised” history. So always do a little research when reading your children historical books. Sure we may gloss over the harrowing hardships the Pilgrims endured for the protection of the little ones. But don’t gloss too much. At some point, it’s good and necessary for children to hear stories of overcoming hardship and courage. Often it is a testament to God’s faithfulness, as was the case with the first Thanksgiving.

A few of these Thanksgiving books for children would make a thoughtful gift for the hostess of Thanksgiving. Bring along for her children to enjoy! This top one is Cranberry Thanksgiving and is not about the history of Thanksgiving but about seeing beyond people’s appearances. It is cute to pair with Cranberry Christmas for a thoughtful gift. (And I’m sure I am missing some so please comment below any additional ones you love!!:



And read my Thanksgiving Traditions (That Don’t Cost a Thing!) post for some more meaningful ideas for next week.

Happy November!

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